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The University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine’s Executive Veterinary Program (EVP) was developed in 1991 as a series of comprehensive interdisciplinary certificate programs intended to enhance the business, management, and medical skills of veterinarians. With these new abilities, veterinarians are able to better meet the expanding challenges of the veterinary profession. It is the purpose of the Executive Veterinary Program to enhance the management, consultative, and problem-solving skills of veterinarians working in the ever-changing industry.

Leaders in the field of veterinary medicine helped shape the early program. Individuals from a cross-discipline of academia, industry, private practice, and membership-based associations representing the veterinary profession assumed the task of developing an innovative new program designed to develop leaders in the veterinary profession. The Executive Veterinary Program has garnered the reputation among those in the profession as a top-notch continuing education program.

Program Goals

  • To provide a beneficial and highly-motivating educational experience for veterinarians with an interest in improving their effectiveness;
  • To serve as a network that enhances the sharing of ideas among veterinarians and that promotes dialogue on issues critical to the changing industry;
  • To raise the qualifications and abilities of practicing veterinarians to provide a higher level of service to the industry;
  • To stimulate interest in current and developing career opportunities; and
  • To improve the physical and financial performance of the profession given concerns for the environment, animal welfare, and wholesome products for society.

Admission Requirements
A doctor of veterinary medicine degree with at least two years of work experience are prerequisites for participation.

Program Organization
Offered in a continuing education format, the Executive Veterinary Program is a comprehensive interdisciplinary certificate program distinct from many traditional post-DVM graduate or continuing education programs. The Executive Veterinary Program instructors are nationally-recognized experts in the field, from both academia and industry. Handouts, reading, and practical assignments for individuals and groups are determined by the instructors. The Executive Veterinary Program is not simply a rehash of traditional graduate-style programs; it is intended to provide practical executive management skills valuable to veterinarians who are destined to become leaders in the profession.